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Our artisans:

When more than 150 years ago poor glassblowers from Lauscha/Thuringia started blowing baubles, nuts, birds and some other shapes for their Christmas trees inspired by their surrounding and beloved forests nobody could suspect that this technology will be applied continuously for over 150 years. Despite the technical revolution we continue to use the same techniques to reproduce true to original the beloved and sheltered ornaments of children, parents and grandparents.

The free blowing of the lamp (baubles, drops or icicles) or mould-blowing of ornaments (nuts, birds or Santas) calls for special skills and years of experience.

The silver-coating today is not as dangerous to health as it was during the period when this was done using lead based silver. Regulations in the 1870’s introduced safer material requirements letting the glass ornaments retain their magnificent brilliancy. Even this simple job is done by hand and also needs experience so the ornament may be enjoyed by it’s his owner for many years.

To paint the ornaments with wet paint, glitter or other materials the artist needs among other talents a lot of concentration, skills and especially a love for the product.

The "new" bird can now confidently replace the broken one and grandma and granddaughter can be sure, the new one was produced in the same way as his "older" brother.

To the untrained eye all that is apparent is sand, lime and potash. In the hands of our craftsmen something delightful and amazing is transformed after many individual production steps. And that’s what makes Christmas so special year after year.