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Catalog Christmas 2017

Santa’s workshop


The classic harmony of the Christmas colours red, gold,champagner and clearglass are dominating. To set a course by green, gold or blue will emphasize the traditional appearance. Traditional patterns and shapes like cones, nuts, birds or Santas as well as nostalgic free-blown ornaments complete this "true" holiday theme.

Nature’s Pallet

Nature's pallet

Warm, rich colours such as hazel, bronze, dark red,  green and peach  combined with natural shapes predominate this theme, even lucky charms, cute animals and mushrooms fit into this adorable, fun presentation.


polar night

The excellent and fashionable character of this theme is given by the colours turquois, china-blue and baby blue combined with patterned silvered. Even these cold colours come across as fascinating and give the "exquisite" richness to the ornaments in this theme. A polar night from his excellent side

White Christmas


The festive frame of this classic theme is the combination of the cold ice-white, polar-white and silver. Ice-white, the colour of winter is presented with a unique and precious pattern achieved in the preparation of the lacquer and silver adds a wonderful shine and reflection to the shapes of winter, icicles and snow balls. This theme is a consistent crowd pleaser.

Fire and ice

Fire and ice

In spite of the classic colours this combination of red and white with silver patterns is a very special. The polarity of the cold ice and the warm red gives this theme it’s atmosphere of opposites coming together in unity. The ornaments depict class, love and ceremony.