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Scheler Ambiente Lauscha – Company history

About us:

  • founded on August 6th, 2002 by Heidrun Scheler
  • Ultimate ambition: retention of grandparent’s tradition of converting spun glass fibres into decorative accessories for home
  • 2004: expansion of the assortment to glass Christmas ornaments as a special offer for upscale specialized trade
  • July 1st, 2007 Rainer Scheler is taking possession of the Company

Scheler Ambiente Lauscha as a young company has continued the old traditions of glass blowing and decorating. Grandpa Carl Wenzel (nicknamed "Lufter") produced, for many decades, peacocks and butterflies from spun glass-fibres, a tradition which is now in danger of extinction. Because the actual market demand was inadequate diversification was required to get a strong economic base for the company.

The trademark for a unique line of handmade glass Christmas ornaments "Gläserne Schätze aus Lauscha", was established in 2004, and was the base for market entry. 25 years of experience in the trade proved successful and enabled the company to grow its clientele significantly.

The continued advancement and updating of the line, watching trend developments and keeping "old fashioned" original ornaments available brought incremental growth rates in double digits.

Custom products and special requests could be satisfied as well because of the co-operation with the addition of local specialists who were all too happy to help the growing company.

Original glass ornaments from Lauscha, the birthplace of handmade Christmas tree ornaments, is still a treasured trade mark and retains its place in the specialised trade industry. Each year, "Gläserne Schätze aus Lauscha" is the offer of Scheler Ambiente for very traditional as well as trendy handmade glass Christmas ornaments.

Low purchase quantity, custom products and short lead times give our clients the chance to satisfy their customer's needs very well.