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The application of colour to Christmas ornaments:

In all religions and civilizations throughout the world colour is highly regarded. The unique significance of colour in each segment of society while different is fundamental to that society’s feeling about itself.

What does colour mean?


is the colour of happiness, prosperity, vitality and energy. Red is the symbol of precious and valuable. It signifies blood and fire, the suffering of Christ.

In ancient China red was the colour of luck to banish demons. Red is courage, strength and decisiveness, it conveys sensible heat and warms our soul.

Yellow (gold)

Gold is the shiniest colour and associates with the life giving sun. Yellow signifies mental vitality and warmth, calmness and amusement.

With this colour of the sun everything is in a constant state of nourishment and growth.

On the Christmas tree yellow shows a tendency toward gold which translates as precious, distinguished and valuable. Gold stands for wisdom, clarity and animal spirits.

White (silver)

"In the beginning was nothing, from it comes all" say the holy books of Asia.
In the West, God said: "Let there be light".

White is the exact opposite to black (the nothing, chaos) which is waiting for enlightenment.

White is the dominate colour of winter and a "White Christmas" is the dream of everyone.

White and silver indeed are "cold" but noble and festive and they epitomize the victory of the light over the darkness, the good over the bad and the life over the death.

White and silver associate innocence, dignity, spiritual clarity and wisdom, reliability, honesty and truth.

White and silver are showing the willingness for alteration and personal perfection.

Silver symbolizes a flow of feelings, solidity and opulence. It gives protection from negative energy.


Green is the symbol of life, it grows and it tells us that our survival is assured when fresh green returns to earth every spring.

Remember, Jesus rode into Jerusalem with a green palm leaf.

Green connects with silence, recovery and relaxation from stress. It brings hope, wellness and balance.

Brown (chocolate, mocha)

Brown is no colour of the rainbow, there is no brown light and the sky, which has nearly all colours, does not know this colour.

But brown we know since primitive times, brown is the ground, the earth, surety and safety underfoot. It is the colour of connectivity to the earth, domesticity, motherliness and steadfastness.

Orange (amber)

Orange is the colour of change, and healthy mental energy.

Orange means optimism, lust for life, joy, tenderness, courage and fortitude, for self-confidence and cordiality. Orange is associated with cheerfulness and independency.

It shows that we are able to live comfortably with your emotions.

Violet (purple, mauve, magenta)

Violet is the changeover to harmony from the antagonism of our daily grind and the unknown, dark empire of the ghosts, wraiths and demons.

Violet is the connection between the world of the body (red) and the world of spirits and heaven (blue). Transmuting into the fascinating enigma which is violet, where completely different rules apply.


Is the sign of the forces of heaven and immortality.

Jesus’ mother Mary is depicted dressed in a blue coat, in her is represented silence and devotion, constancy and tradition.

Blue is the colour of confidence and reliability.