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The signification of the moulds on the Christmas tree


signifies fertility and a return to paradise. It is believed that they quite possibly were the first decorations on a Christmas tree.



have a very tight knit relationship to the symbolism of an apple, a perfect form and they mean any perfection and divinity. The roundness, a shape "without any beginning and end" symbolises the circle of life.


Fir cones:

Are the sign of fruitfulness and also of purity.



birds like a stork are the messenger of spring, a lucky charm and they bring the children.

Caged birds symbolize domesticity, family and a feeling of security.
Song birds personify freedom, togetherness and friendship.



They are the declaration of love to the pensive lover, they also symbolize delight and happiness.



symbolize astrology and our fascination with the heavens. At the top of the Christmas tree they symbolize destiny.



keeps the universe going; they convey the human and the divine sphere in concert. In the bible they announce the birth of the saviour.



Are ringing on the holy night, they peal in jubilation at the birth of the redeemer.

4 Bells on the tree give it the blessing and declare a cheery message: Come to the celebration, come to the gift giving.